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    Debugging FDS Projects

      I have a FDS project (local compile), that I can debug perfectly when all the files are in the same folder beneath the Application MXML file. As soon as I start moving source files into separate subfolders, the debugger breaks. I can step all the way to the first reference to mx.data.DataService, but after that I get the 'Edit Source Lookup Path' dialog, and lose the debugger completely. No amount of changing the source path seems to help - it's like after the first reference to DataService, the debugger can't pick up the executing thread again. Breakpoints aren't hit, and even if I force an exception I don't see the relevant source.

      I really don't want a project with 50 files in one folder. I'd also like to be able to factor some of the files out into a library project, to help me migrate an exising .Net server application to FDS - and this seems to cause the same problem.

      At the moment our migration from .Net is stalled because of this one thing.