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    Video Effects and Transitions Disappeared-PPro CS6 Mac


      I have been having problems with PremierePro CS6 Mac hanging at start up or hanging after launch when trying to load footage. I have numerous plug-ins so figured there must be a conflict. I removed all plug-ins from the Application Support->Adobe-... Media Core CS6 folder. No problem with launch of working with my footage. Replaced the plug-ins one at a time and isolated the problem to an old version of FxFactor Importer which did not seem to be updated with updates of FxFactory.


      I can launch PPro, watch the plug-ins load, etc and work with my project. However, no Video Effects or Video Transitions show up in their respective Effects Folders. Nothing. Not even native PPro filters. All the audio filters and transitions are present.


      All the filters and transitions do show up in AE, however.


      Ideas would be appreciated.


      I have generally not been overly thrilled with PPro performance, and this is not helping my product experience.


      Ned Soltz


      CS6 (most recent versions as updated through Creative Cloud)

      MacPro 2008; OS X 10.8.2; 16gb RAM; Quadro 4000