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    Timestamps on Slice PNGs (CS6)

    gordonwd Level 1

      I'm using FW6 on Windows 7 to create sets of graphics that I export as slices in PNG format. Needless to say, this involves modifying and re-exporting them often while I'm trying different color schemes, etc.


      Anyway, what I've noticed is that when I export the slices and there is already a copy of that file in the target directory, FW correctly creates the new file, but it only changes the Modified Date of the file; it does not updated the Created Date! The Created Date stays the same as when the slice file was originally created.


      This has caused me some confusion when looking at a default file explorer window that only shows the created date, and it also appears to be causing the file not to be automatically backed up under some conditions, not updated in the product build, etc.


      Has this ever been noted? The only workaround is to delete the existing files before exporting new versions, but that is a huge PITA when I have many to work with in the directory.

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          groove25 Level 4

          On the one hand, this sounds like it's working exactly as it should be: You're not creating a new document each time, you're updating or modifying an existing one (with the same name and in the same location, etc.). On the other hand, graphics exported on my Mac seem to get a new creation date each time, so… maybe it's a matter of interpretation by the operating system (?).


          Some ideas:

          • How about exporting the slices into a single folder, making it easier to delete the previous versions?
          • How about creating a new folder for each export—that way, you could also retain multiple versions.
          • Would it work to use something like Preview In Browser in earlier stages, instead of a full-on export? (This creates some kind of a temp file instead.)
          • How about using Save As before exporting? You could rename the file based on the build number, or try using the same name to see if it overwrites the previous file and gives you a new creation date.
          • Finally, if it's a huge problem, maybe you want to look into some type of script that could read the date modified of the exported graphics and apply that to the creation date.


          Regarding backups and build versions, I don't fully understand the context in which you're working. But I'm also thinking: Isn't modification date a common enough concept that it could be recognized by your system?

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            gordonwd Level 1

            I probably overstated the issues since I was a bit upset at finding out that I hadn't been as well covered by my backups as I had assumed. For the record, the dating on the files was not affecting my product builds since those tools do look at the Modified date.


            It was just an issue with the backup program, and was probably caused by a conflict between my two separate backup applications. I have a full-featured backup program (Retrospect) that I run periodically to do incremental backups to a USB drive. But I also have a "cloud backup" program that automatically backs up changed files periodically in the background. I think that the way that the two programs were monitoring changed files was conflicting with each other. I changed Retrospect to do a full fiile scan each time and it promptly found all the files that it had "missed" and backed them up to the USB drive.


            FWIW, I've found the cloud backup to be even more useful than having a VCS since it's all so automatic. If I make changes and overwrite my previous work and then decide that I want to revert or start over, I can quickly restore the file as it was a few hours ago, yesterday, last week, etc. Keeps me from having to create a string of "Save As" copies whose content I quickly forget.