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    Best Tools in AE to Resize 1920x1080 project for screening in theaters


      I'm editing on Avid Symphony 6.0.3 with 1920x1080 footage. My project is to be screened in a movie theater. We shot mostly Cineform with a little bit of Red and 5D footage for B Roll. We are AMA linked so we will be using the full quality footage to online and export. We've tried not going past 130% with the "Resize" Effect but we have a couple that are around 150% While they look fine on a 42-inch television, I'm assuming this wouldn't fly in a theater. I have AE CS5.5...so I have a few questions...

      Is there an optimum push-in / resize effect or tool for 1920x1080 footage with the least amount of quality loss?

      Are there any AE plug-ins or resize effects in AE that are better than Resize in Avid?


      Thank you for your time and your help.