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    DisplacementMapFilter and perspective help

      I'm working from an example from the 5 1/2 blog on that uses the DisplacementMapFilter to create a trapezoid transformation. Basically, it makes a movieclip look like it has perspective. I'm having a difficult time trying to get the movieclip to scale and keep the distortion after applying the filter. What happens is, the movieclip will scale, but if, for example, I'm scaling larger but only the top left section of the movieclip, which fits to the dimensions of the displacement map, are distorted. I think the displacementmap graphic needs to be scaled as well, but I'm not sure how to do that?

      Ref: Take a look at the 5 1/2 blog post w/ source here:
      http://www.5etdemi.com/blog/archives/2006/09/fuse-displacementmapfilter-and-perspective-an -experiment/
      Note, the actual example and source show he's using a PNG as noted in the bottom of his post.