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    Separate one multifield into two hidden values

    Jason123 for CQ



      We are using a multifield which contains 5 fields by using


      CQ.Ext.extend(CQ.form.CompositeField, {

           hiddenField: null,





      The multifield value is stored as one value in a hiddenField. The hidden field then becomes a property for the JCR node that stores the component content. So the value for this multifield could look like this:

      fieldOneValue @@ fieldTwoValue @@ fieldThreeValue @@ fieldFourValue @@ fieldFiveValue


      The problem is that some of these values need to be translated and some doesn't. But our translation vendors will treat the whole value as translatable and can't distinguish which part of this value is translatable and which part is not.


      It seems that one solution could be to store the value of the multifield into two properties instead of just one. Has anyone done this before?