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    Creating a pattern in Illustrator.


      Hi guys n gals!

      I have been trying to create, or I should probably say, re-create a pattern in Illustrator: http://wallpaperswide.com/orange_texture-wallpapers.html


      I tried several different options, like making a rain drop then resizing and duplicating it (ctrl+D) which did not work that well. I tried to create and allign several circles within eachother (like an archery bullseye target) then cut the path and reshape it, which did not work eather. So if you have any ideas on what to do... I would apprecate any help!



      Thanks in advance!

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          Mylenium CommunityMVP

          Photoshop --> Layer Styles --> Stroke --> Mode: Gradient Burst. Takes about 2 minutes if you have the basic shape and all those shadowy crevices and overlaps will form almost naturally. Of course you can mimic the behavior with blends just as well....



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            Silkrooster CommunityMVP

            Take a close look at that pattern. You will find that it is made up of only two shapes. They are then duplicated and enlarged a few times until the two shapes look like they had merged with each other.

            That was the first layer, the second layer consist of a radial gradient.

            And well I believe that is about it.

            Good luck... Oh BTW if you plan on doing this for anything other than a learning experience, change the shapes to your own. Making an exact copy is a copyright infringement.

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              Monika Gause CommunityMVP

              When constructing this, orient yourself by the light line pattern, not the dark one. Start with a shape like an "open 8". Then use offset Path to create the inner shapes.