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    How do I open a VERY old (1991) photoshop file?


      Probably ancient to most, but still pertinent to me.


      I used Photoshop (on the mac) WAY back in the day. Can't remember the version, but back then, Macs had resource forks, finder.dat and stuff like that. I have a file that was amazingly 8mb in size (gigantic back then) - it had layers! And yes, I still have the resource fork files and so on.


      Still, I cannot figure out how to open it.


      I have other files from that era - photoshop says it does not recognize them, but irfanview (god bless it) opens the simple ones. But it has a header error with this one.


      Any idea on how to open ancient files like this? Any resources? I googled, of course, and the standard answer is "photoshop opens all psd files from any version" - well, this is before the mac put "psd" on these files.


      Help? Thoughts?




      P.S. I was able to open it only a few years ago. 5? 7? Time flies, doesn't it. Yes, should have resaved it in a newer format. I know.