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    Creating tagged pdf via pdfmark

    jaya krishnan

      Dear all,


      Using pdfmark syntax we are creating tagged pdf. We are placing pdfmark syntax in postscript file.


      After pdf creation i found that the text is appearing without spacing in the Acrobat PDF tagged panel.


      Please find the screen shot and PDFmark syntax in postscript






      [/Subtype /P /Class /CM4 /StPNE pdfmark

      [/StBMC pdfmark

      [/_objdef {C4} /type /dict /OBJ pdfmark

      [{C4} <</O /Layout /SpaceAfter 1 /SpaceBefore 3 /TextAlign /Left>>

      /PUT pdfmark

      [/CM4 {C4} /StClassMap pdfmark

      /f2 /AdvPS-UTR 175.73 0 0 -175.73 0 0 MF

      sv 334 Y -1888(Our)D 366(civili)D 380(zation)D 555(has)D 334(managed)D 799(to)D

      220(pollute)D 621(our)D 334(water)D 504(supplie)D 587(s)D 135(to)D 220(the)D

      315(point)D 486(where)D 548(we)D 284(have)D r

      [/EMC pdfmark

      [/StPop pdfmark


      Please help me!!!!