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    Importing a filmstrip into PPro, or wire removal

    Bernie at Clarity

      Hi folks. I've just got around to re-editing a short film I made some years ago. It was shot in Panasonic P2 medium high-def (1280x720), but was originally edited in standard-def. I now have the opportunity to re-edit in the native source format. So far, so good, and nearly everything has imported from the old PPro 2 project - I've spent the day re-linking clips to the media files and it looks pretty good.


      There was a "flying" stunt in the film done with harnesses and wires strung between trees in the forest where the story took place. In the original edit, I exported these sequences to a photoshop filmstrip format and painted out the wires, then re-imported the filmstrip back into the project.


      PPro CS6 doesn't want to co-operate. When was the .flm format dropped as an import feature?


      Is there a plug-in to allow this filmstrip to be imported, or am I going to do the wire removal again? I don't mind removing wires again - it'll probably look much better considering the original export/import was standard-def, but I still need to see the exact edit in and out points of the original footage if possible.




      Bernie Dwyer