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    Advice needed for setting up hard drives.

    El_Plates Level 1

      My new editing machine is pretty well complete. Now it's time for configuring everything, so to bring it's performance up to speed.

      Starting with hard drives.



      Core Components list-



      MB- ASUS P9X79-PRO.



      CPU- i7-3930k.



      Memory- RipjawsZ 8x8 @1600. 64GB.



      GPU- GTX 670 4GB.



      C: drive- SSD- intel 520s - 180GB (Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OEM is on this drive).



      Plus various 7200rpm disks, and more to be added.



      I had someone install most of the components for me, as I'm far too ill to handle the heavy lifting. They did a fairly good job, cept for the hard drive setup. So I need to ask some questions to help me get these drives setup correctly, and running at their full potential.



      There's some questions in particular that I must ask first-


      1/ For some reason they put the SSD on a SATA II port, but put a DVD-ROM drive on a SATA III port. To correct that I just swapped around the SATA data connections between the two. Windows appeared to work ok when I rebooted, but when I gave it a quick test with the WEI, the test failed.

      I expected some problem to come as a result.

      Here's what it said-

      WEI problem.PNG



      After several reboots the WEI finally ran, and gave the primary disk a higher score than before swapping the connections .

      My question is- Should I take the fact that WEI is now able to run the primary disk test as an indication that it's working fine, and setup correctly ?



      I also ran several HD Tune tests for that SSD. It's still a bit slower than I expected.






      2/ Raid-0 setup. I take it that plugging 2x 7200rpm disk drives into the Marvell ports would be the parsimonious solution, so my question there is- What is the procedure for setting up a 2x disk Raid-0 on those Marvell ports?

      The two disks for RAID-0 I chose are the cheap 'n nasty model from Seagate's 2TB range. I know they're not reliable, which is why I'm not relying on them to store such things as project files, or project media (for things like that I have a Seagate Constellation ES.2 2TB) . This RAID-0 volume's sole purpose is to move along high bit rate Uncompressed Intermediatory video at an acceptable speed.

      If the data is lost to disk failure it's not a huge problem. The videos can be rendered again.


      I tested both of these (see images below) Seagate Barracuda's multiple times in HD Tune. Are their speeds close enough to each other to be paired together in a RAID-0 ?


      Barracuda A-



      Barracuda B-




      3/ So far I have four 7200rpm drives, but wish to add two more.

      The model I'm considering is the Seagate ST2000NC000 Constellation CS.2 2TB .On the surface they seem like good value, and faster than my Constellation ES.2, but what's the catch?  Are they suitable, and reliable enough to hold such things as project files?