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    who make a good hardware monitor?

    Esreuter1 Level 1

      Hey all.


      Just a quick post as I am searching for the least resource eating,  highly accurate and trusted hardware monitor.


      Ideally i can leave it open in the back ground while i work in Adobe products.


      which ones are you all useing?


      I would like to see, all available temps, fan speeds, voltages.


      doesent have to be anything flashy, just not interfering with resources for the adobe programs, no malware and hopefully accurate in its readings.


      the OC forums seem to support CPUID HWmonitor. though they never discuss how much resource it eats or if it has any known conflicts with programs.


      thanks for your advice



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Second HWMonitor.  It occupies 4,592K memory and uses less than 0.24% CPU (at least on my system), which can be further lowered by setting the priority below normal. Never had a problem with it.

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            JEShort01 Level 4



            You may also want to consider HWMonitor Pro from the same company. It adds a few features, like gathering trend data for cpu core temperature before, during, and recovered after a render.


            It however is a paid version; the HWMonitor program is free.


            I also use the MSI Afterburner program to monitor GPU activity. I'm pretty sure that it works for non-MSI nVidia GTX cards even though it comes from MSI and there are other similar utilities I'm sure from the various graphics card manufacturers.


            Personally, I use these tools along with CPU-Z and Task Manager to set everything up and then pretty much do without the monitoring, but I'm sure all of these tools could run 24/7 if you would like.