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    FEATURE REQ: "Developer Export" mode for raw jQuery


      I've just started tinkering with Adobe Edge Animate and really like the ease of handling and previewing CSS animations. There's one unfortunate deal-breaker for me though.  As a developer, I want, nay, NEED, to be able to tweak the resulting code, but being that Animate wraps the jQuery code in its own complex and opaque Javascript library, this really isn't feasible.  Even if I delved into it's finer workings this would effectively recreate the trouble the tool saved me in the first place. 


      What I'd really like is a 'Simple/Developer Export' mode which forgets all the complexities of cross-browser shims and just exports the simplest HTML, Javascript and jQuery code needed to create the animations/interactions in a standards compliant browser.  That way I can use it as a jumping off point for things which are easier in code. 


      I believe this approach would also save the headache of the Flash days, where designers would make complex animations that weren't optimum from a code point of view and would need to be painstakingly recreated in code (ActionScript, back then)...


      Much promise here.  I hope it moves forward in a direction useful for devs as well as designers...Thanks.