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    Button Interactivity Help


      Ok so I am trying to create a button that when clicked, serves two function in chronological order. So, when the button is clicked, firstly it animates and moves off the page, then, after the animation, I want the page to change to the next destinated page. Can someone give me some help on this please? I have applied these events to the button, with the animation on top of the page change, however whenever I click the button, it just changes page without the animation playing first?


      Any help is much appreciated

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Is this button being used for interactive PDF, for SWF output, or for Digital Publishing Suite?

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            cfitzo10 Level 1

            SWF Output

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              Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

              Although you can apply multiple events to a button, the "go to page" event will trump all others, and the animation will not be viewed. I have a workaround that involves page loads instead, and will use 2 pages:

              - On first page, have the button with the event "go to page 2" with "on click" (no animation)

              - Duplicate button, place in same position on page 2

              - Page 2 is layered like this: 1. Duplicate Button 2. Coverup 3 Contents of Page 2

              - Duplicate button will have animation triggered by page load, then moves off page

              - Using Timing Panel, have Coverup move off the page "on page load", after the animation of button finishes

              - Finally the contents of page 2 is revealed with Button and Coverup no longer on the stage


              If you would like, I can send you a file that demonstrates this workaround.

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                cfitzo10 Level 1

                Ok thanks i'll give this a try.


                I did actually find a different workaround, by creating an invisible box that fills the whole page, that has 'go to next page' event when 'rolled over'. This box would become active 2 seconds after the inital button was clicked. Obviously that would mean that if i was to have duplicate buttons then there are lots of invisible layers and it could get confusing, so I will try your way to see what works best.


                Thanks again