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    Ebook with 160 pages and 250 photos?




      We have a project to publish sports books in several languages, with the idea to have the same layout both in printed books as well as in eBooks - for image reasons and to avoid extra work. So we plan to use PDF files for eBooks. The format of these books is 21 x 23,5 cm (8,27 x 9,25 inc), number of pages: 160.


      We have the first book now ready (edited in QuarkXpress which will be converted to InDesign - we'll start to use Adobe Creative Cloud) - and it has 250 photos (!), several of them full page.

      This number of photos - we are afraid - will be a problem for eBooks... If we edit the book with 72 dpi resolution photos to keep the pdf file small enough for eBook distributors, the quality of the photos will not be acceptable (according to the tests we've done using QuarkXpress). These books include a lot of technical details, so it is very important that the readers can see those details presented in the photos.


      Will InDesign resolve this problem? Could we do the editing with 300 dpi photos (as we do for printed books) and using InDesign's various PDF-"packing systems" get a not-too-heavy pdf file for eBook distributors - but still reasonably good quality photos for our eBooks readers? Or should we forget the whole "eBook project" and just concentrate on printed books?


      Other suggestions to create 160-page eBooks with 250 quality photos?


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          In InDesign, you can predefine PDF export settings to automatically downsample when necessary, so indeed you can use the very same pictures. However,


          * a small file

          * high detail

          * large pictures


          You can only pick two

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            Salo55 Level 1

            Yes, thanks Jongware, but we know the "principles"...


            The basic question is: is there any chance to produce in InDesign a (pdf based) eBook with this number of pages (160) and this number of photos (250, several full page) with these two characteristics:

            1. acceptable good quality photos
            2. file size less than 100 MB (actually 200 MB accepted by our eBook distributor, but over 100 MB not recommended)



            Has somebody experience with similar projects?

            Could I see (download) somewhere similiar eBooks already published?