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    Artwork will only appear correctly if saved as .ai. Why?

    tinsnip Level 1

      I'm attempting to make different versions of a logo I've created recently. There are 4C, 2C, 1C, and (the file in question) a KO or reversed version. All versions except the KO version (polygons and outlined text filled with white) behave correctly and appear as they should when saved as .eps and placed in InDesign. But when I attempt to use the same artwork and fill it with white then save it as an .eps, only the white polygons appear when placed in InDesign. The outlined text doesn't show up. However, if I save the file as an .ai and then place it in InDesign, it all looks fine.


      Is there something I'm missing about the file preparation? It's true that all the other versions have the outlined letters (the missing element from the KO version) appearing on a white background. I just can't figure out why selecting the same outlined letters and filling them with white would make them unable to appear. Anyone have a suggestion?


      Thanks in advance!