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    Migrating Assets to CQ DAM

    maruthid Level 1

      We are woking on migration of assets (only images) from flat file system (we will get files in folders) to CQ DAM. this is one time migration and the size of the data will be around 60 gb. Please suggest best and fast way (timlines are very low).

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          Yogesh Upadhyay Level 4

          I can think of two approach (if you don't care about any special handling of image)


          1) use WebDAV and put all asset in one instance

          2) use multiple CQ instance to upload asset using webdav and then using package manager or replication transfer them across. In this case disable DAM workflow while transfer and use merge mode for packages.


          CQ5.5 also has feature of delegation but unfortunately never used it.



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            you could also directly create packages from your file system content

            (it's a bit cumbersome but it should work) and then either use vlt to

            copy the assets over or use package manager.



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              Yogesh Upadhyay Level 4

              @Ruben not sure but creating package from file system of raw image will have unprocessed asset (without metadata and rendition). unless there is a way to process asset directly in file system.


              Vlt could be good idea to migrate from one crx to another instead of package manager. But not so good if high network latency.



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                maruthid Level 1

                HI Ruben,


                Thanks for your quick reply. Yes Vault we though is a best option but we need to get the structure of the asset node in the file system itself. Vault itself is not creating the structure for uploaded assets in dam it simply placing images as nodes. Is there any easy way to convert the raw assets in to trequired struture before uploading them to DAMusing vault.

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                  maruthid Level 1

                  Hi Yogesh,


                  We consider webdav approach also. It is working cool when we tried to upload some 20 to 30 assets but I am concernd whether it will with stand for 60gb of images. I am doubtful about the image processing workflows which may fail if we upload in bulk. Is this approach tried earlier?


                  As you are telling in the 2nd option use multiple instances and merge all in to final instance.

                  we are using only author there will not be any publisher in our case. We are using this cq author dam for publishing to other Adobe product (scene7). When we use package manager I wonder whether package will withstand if  it is more than 1gb?


                  Can you please tell about delegation feature how we can leverage this for mgration.

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                    todd.haser Level 2

                    I would second Yogesh's suggestion of webdav.  I am under the impression that you need to use webdav to connect to:




                    Where you can then drag/drop a large volume of content in.


                    While I haven't tried 60gb - I have successfully done this with 3 to 5gb.  I would suggest that you try some POC with 5 to 10gb.  If that works, try it with 60gb.