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    gpu/videocard for new setup


      Hi! First post so forgive the newbie


      Anyhow, I've just assembled a new pc to edit 1080p DSLR videos using Premiere and After Effects, both CS6. I'm already using it and it's ok waiting time rendering-wise, but obviously it could improve with the addition of a video card, and a couple more hard drives to be setup properly like it should be.


      Here's what I currently have:


      i7 3700 3.4ghz, onboard Intel HD4000 for GPU

      16gb 1600 DDR3 (will upgrade to 32gb if still needed)
      500gb Caviar blue for OS/Premiere&AE/Scratch/Media - pathetic to be honest


      I know for starters I should pick up a couple more HDDs to have a proper scratch disk and media drive separated from the OS/Apps drive, which I will definitely do when I get the new card but the question I had is what video card to get.


      Yes, money is a factor, so unfortunately no gtx680/580's for me. I could spare a bit of cash and pick up a decent card, but obviously, like a regular joe, would also like to save a bit if I can.


      I would like to be able to keep my render/preview times to a minimum, but at the same time getting a video card that is balanced to the hardware that I currently have. What I meant by balanced, is that the card should be specc'ed enough to be able to utilize my current hardware to it's limits, but not be a bottleneck for the system as well. I'm afraid that having the super cards (that's what I call them, ie. GTX680/580) will overshadow everything that I currently have but then I'm not able to use the card to its full potential since everything else will just be a bottleneck when compared to the video card itself.


      Hoping for your kind inputs.