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    Can't install Adobe Flash Player


      Unit details:

      Acer Extensa E470 PC running Windows 7 Professional 32 bit 2GB RAM Intel Pentium E5700, using IE and Firefox latest.


      The story: [skip to quick summary below if you don't like to read]

      For the last hours, I've been trying to install the flash player onto this system. I go to the Adobe website and it gives me the automatic updater and when I run it I get the update file. I run that and the program icon just dissappers. As if it deletes itself. When I look at the task manager, the program is there, but ... and here it comes ... THERE IS NO APPLICATION WINDOW !!! It's gone ... I cannot switch to the "missing/hidden" running application, it seems to run only in the background and doesn't get the chance to switch to a visible foreground. So to conclude, I cannot start the installation, since there is no installation Window


      So I thought I was smart and tried to outsmart the system and got myself the latest standalone application of adoble flash player. I ran that and it finishes but then the Adobe flash player is no where to be found As if it never actually installed it. Seemingly it just showed a happy installation progress but just as a demonstration of a progress bar but no actual files where installed.


      I tried the Internet explorer standalone package and the one for other browsers, I tried the offline / online updaters. I tried most of the solutions posted here and all over the web. I disabled startup items, started up in diagnostic mode, disabled anti virus, scanend for virus and spyware. A nice restore point did not work. I uninstalled numb software like "ask toolbar" , "yahoo toolbar" etc.


      Quick Summary:

      Adobe Flash Player online Update does not show an installer Window or does not install anything during an actual standalone offline installation.


      The question:
      How do I get this to run properly ?


      The workarounds:

      I can reinstall the OS which will make the client very happy indeed. He will probably give me a medal for determination, brilliance and excellence for making him loose al his valued and installed programs, some of his data while taking 6 hours of his life. But hey, at least flash works then