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    Are there any plans to move the "Math Check" to AFTER the O.K. BUTTON is pushed on STEP AND REPEAT?

    The Print Craftsman Level 1

      One of my pet peeves is that I have to clear all the fields in the STEP AND REPEAT dialouge box before I can begin entering information.  I have been patiently waiting for this bug to be fixed.  I am beginning to wonder if Adobe is even aware of the bug?  It drives me nuts to no end!!!  I am sure it is responsible for several points in my blood pressure reading on given days.  I'll have an object selected that I need to step 7 times and I'll bring up the Step and Repeat dialouge box.  I'll enter 7 in the COUNT field.  InDesign will in some cases immediately flag the operation as not possible because there are numbers in the other two fields that I haven't had a chance to edit yet that will cause the step and repeat operation to go off the pasteboard.  It makes me MAD because it changes my 7 back to a 1 and I have to go and put in the correct values for the VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL offset fields and then I have to go back up to the COUNT field and re-enter my 7.  All of this and I haven't even hit the O.K. button yet!!!  Can someone at Adobe pleeeeeeaaaaaase inform the programmers of this glitch and have them move the MATH CHECK to AFTER THE O.K. BUTTON is clicked!  I wouldn't mind the message if the figures I entered were incorrect and I had hit the O.K. button.  But it drives me absolutely insane when it starts trying to correct me before I've even finished entering my values!


      Am I the only one?


      I would love to hear from anyone else out there that gets frustrated from this.  If for no other reason then to let me know I haven't completely lost my sanity yet.