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    Having to "double-clutch" adding behaviors every time

    grapplepeeps Level 1

      Hello. I am using Dreamweaver CS6. I've been using DW since CS3. Back then, I thought "Well, it is odd that every time I add a behavior, I have to watch it change on it's own from, say 'OnClick' to 'On MouseOver' before reentering it as the 'OnClick' I really wanted, but maybe this is just a quirk."




      Same thing in CS4

      Same thing in CS5


      Now the same thing in CS6. It seems pointless and easy to fix. It's no big deal. Instead of taking 20 seconds to enter a behavior, I take 40. Not a problem. But, when I have to do several dozen repetitive behaviors, as I just did, it really adds up, even if only in the carple tunnels.


      Adobe folks, are you aware of this? It can't be just me. Why not fix it so that when I select "OnXxxx," and add the Behavior, then OK, it's just there. Saved. Why must it switch on it's own to a different trigger before it will accept and implement my choice?