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    Presenter 8 video

    1leona Level 1

      I'm liking what I see in the new Presenter 8 video. However, I'm a little confused on how to control getting the video of myself out of the way for the first slide to appear. What controls moving the video off to the side?


      Thanks much.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          This is a pretty good explanation of how to work the editing tool with the Video Creator in Presenter 8: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geLQmK7klv8

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            John Mulvihill

            As Jorma's linked tutorial by Allen Partridge shows, Video Creator (VC) gives you some basic editing options: specifying how the dual panes interact, panning, and cropping. But VC's editor is too crude to create a finished product.


            As I experiment with various solutions, I am coming to the conclusion that I will use VC, Captivate, and PPT to create "foundation" clips, then assemble those clips in an full-featured audio/video authoring application, where I will do post production.


            I present this not as the definitive approach but rather as a possible direction. The possibilities of hosted video bring with them an equal number of challenges, especially for beginners like myself. (To video, that is. I've been a tech writer for more than 20 years.) Nevertheless I feel the effort is worthwhile because it will package how-to information in the format today's end users want: video.