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    Duplicate Video Import Issue

    Shane P Level 3



      I am running PPRO CS6 (6.0.3) on Windows Vista


      I am having a duplicate asset import issue. Let me explain...


      I have a couple of Premiere Pro project files with multiple sequences in each. In each of the project files I have the same source video files imported as the some of the sequences in each of the project files reference the same source video file.


      So here it was is happening...I have a project file with sequences 001-025 in them and I have have another project file with sequences 026-050. I have 25 sequences per project to keep the project sizes smaller and more manageable so my system doesn't choke.


      Sequences 014 and 015 in the first project file both reference "Video01.avi" which is located on my external F: drive. I want to import sequences 027-030 from the second project file which both reference the same "Video01.avi" file on the same drive.


      I know PPro is intelligent enough to know when importing assets from another project file that shares the same assets as the project you are importing into, it knows to only import the dependent assets which are not in the project file you are importing into. I have done this countless times and PPro has correctly only imported the assets it needed.


      However for some reason when I am trying to import the above mentioned sequences from one project into another it is bringing in a duplicate copy of the source footage necessarily. I can't figure out why it is doing this. The sequences it is importing both reference the identical file on the same drive, etc. And I am using the "Import Selected Sequences" option.


      Thank you,