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    Bin folder default app swf

    RichRh61380 Level 1
      I deleted the swf file in the bin folder that is the swf of the default application (i.e. same name as the main mxml file).

      How do I force a re-build so that the swf gets built again please? I've tried clicking on build but nothing appears in the folder. I tried restoring from history but it only had an old version (it would be useful to know how to force a re-build anyway).

      (so basically, I have anp2.mxml in the src folder (and nothing else) - the bin folder contained anp2.swf but I deleted that and can't get another to appear).

      I'm using flex builder 3 beta 2 by the way.

      Hopefully really simple but very frustrating!!

      Thanks for any help,