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    After Effects Disk Full error (-1610153463) when rendering to QTs

    Victor Wolansky Level 1

      Hi! I'm having a very weird error on most of my computers when rendering to our shared storage,


      After Effects error: Rendering error while writing to file "E:\xxx.mov".  Disk Full. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1601053463)


      All the machines in here can access the same media and storage volumes, they are mounted as NTFS volumes fron an iSCSI storage called DDP. All this was working fine until about 2 weeks ago, nothing was updated or upgraded on the storage.


      Weird this is this do not fail if the render to the same location is done in AVI format, or with certain QT codecs.


      NON codec fails immediately, writes a QT that is about 8 MB in size and fails.

      DNXHD writes about 1 second of frames and fails.

      BMP codec fails too.




      all those codecs render fine if I render to my desktop or to my D drive that is also a local drive inside of the computer, NTFS formatted too. So the codes mys be fine.


      I can not discard ad storage issue, but like I said before, it ONLY fails if I use QT and some codecs, PhotoJPG for example does not fail, space, I have plenty.... and, this only happens from the windows computers, the MAC does not fail.


      I'll keep testing stuff and will post what I find.... but if anyone have any suggestions or ideas.... are very welcome...

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          Victor Wolansky Level 1

          Solved .... the problem is in Windows 8 the Windows Defender, or in Windows 7 the Security Suite..... turn that POS off and will not give any more trouble. Also excluding the after effects process or mov extension do the trick, but mostry excluding the process even accellerate the renders....   what is weird it why this do not happen with the local storage and only with the iSCSI mounted storage....   but it is certainly that software what causes the issue.......

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I think you already have your answer: don't use AE to render to a network. 

            It may not be the answer you wanted to see, but AE has difficulties with networks.  Consider yourself lucky that you got AE to work AT ALL over a network.  I fear the honeymoon may be over.


            The only other things that may be an impediment would be anti-virus/firewall sorts of software.

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              Victor Wolansky Level 1

              wonder if you read my previous post answering to myself?


              It is actually not a network drive, is is a NFTS drive mounted over iSCSI, its not a NFS volume. Workd fine for over a year, until last Windows Defender update... and it is actually fasted than my local drives since the local drives are simple SATA drives and this is a 48 Drives RAID connected over 10 GigE iSCSI and with a performance of 1050 MB/s.


              Even our projects are saved on these iSCSI volumes, so all the rooms we have can work from the same project without having to duplicate media or projects between rooms, so producers can jump from room to room with the projects if the artist is bussy with something else and they need changes, someone else can take care of it...