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    'pepflashplayer.dll' has downloaded without my permission.


      My Adobe Flash settings (which must be edited online, for some stupid reason) are set to notify me if a download is available, but there IS NO SETTING for "do not download until I consent".


      Norton has informed me that 'pepflashplayer.dll' has downloaded without my permission.  How do I prevent Flash from downloading or installing updates without my permission?  I would gladly grant it as soon as I verified that it really is a Flash update, but I am simply not comfortable with ANY software downloading or installing updates on its own, without the consent of the computer user.


      How can I stop this from occurring?


      Here is the Nortion file insight:
      "Full Path: c:\Documents and Settings\Cam\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\\pepflashplayer.dll



      Developers Adobe Systems Incorporated


      Identified 2/5/2013 at 1:44:44 PM

      Last Used Not Available

      Startup Item No




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      Fewer than 5 users in the Norton Community have used this file.


      Very New

      This file was released less than 1 week ago.



      Norton has given this file a good rating.




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