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    Flash Cs6 incredibly sluggish save time, & unable to save document as


      I am using Flash CS6, animating on ones with the brush tool.  my timeline is 100 frames long, there arent keyframes on every frame, but there are a lot of them.  my .fla file is 79mb. 


      there is only one thing in my library - a 15 second .wav audio file... 



      Saving the .fla file takes about 2 1/2 minutes!


      after the 2 1/2 minutes I get flashed the "cannot save document as...   please try saving with a different name or on a different volume".


      contrary to the error message the file does in fact save perfectly fine - in that volume with that name.




      what is the deal with the save time being so outrageously long? the program is equally sluggish with copying and pasting keyframes - though thats less of an issue than the save time. 


      please help me, i can send you the flash file if your willing to look at it.



      ps: I tried opening the file in cs5.5 - the save time was slightly faster, but not by much.