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    Checking for pdf/x Compatibility


      Hello there


      I am using PDF Generator (from LiveCycle ES3) to convert WORD documents and images to pdfs.


      In the PDF Generator settings, I am setting the "Compliance Standard" to "PDF/X-3" and the "output intent profile name" to "U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2".


      Am I able to check (and more importantly verify to my client) that these settings have been applied to the resultant pdf?


      When I open the resultant pdf in Acrobat Pro, in "Document Properties", the PDF version is stated as 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x).  However, there is no mention of "x".


      In the preflight dialog, I can check the compliance of the document against the various PDF/X standards, however there is no statement of what the current version is.  Moreover, the button to analyze the pdf against the various "output intents" (SWOP, Japan Color Coated and Coated FOGRA39) is greyed out (I am able to "analyze and fix" against each of these options, but again there is no indication of what the current output intent is).


      There are no custom properties in the Custom settings tab of the Document Properties dialog (if I save the pdf using "analyze and fix", a value of "PDF/X-3:2002" is created for the custom property "GTS_PDFXVersion" in the new pdf).


      Many thanks


      Geoff Olding