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    Hidden Subforms

    Gene--O Level 1

      Good Afternoon All,


      I am not very familiar with subforms, so PLEASE help!


      I have created a file with a drop down box called "Applicant Type". There are 4 possible values in this box: "Individual" "Partnership" "Assocation" and "Corporation".


      I have created 4 subforms with corresponding names: "IndividualSub" "PartnerSub" "AssociationSub" "CorporationSub". All of these subforms are "hidden" in the Initialize Event of each one.


      I am trying to create a script that makes the appropriate subform become visible when the corresponding option is selected from the drop down box.


      I have inserted this script in the Change event of "Applicant Type" (FormCalc, Client):

      if ($.rawValue==3) then IndividualSub.presence="visible" else IndividualSub.presence="hidden" endif

      if ($.rawValue==2) then PartnerSub.presence="visible" else PartnerSub.presence="hidden" endif

      if ($.rawValue==1) then AssociationSub.presence="visible" else AssociationSub.presence="hidden" endif

      if ($.rawValue==0) then CorporationSub.presence="visible" else CorporationSub.presence="hidden" endif


      The first time I activate the drop down, nothing happens. Each subsequent activation of the drop down makes one of the subforms appear, BUT, usually not the correct one. If I select "Corporation", I may get the "AssociationSub", etc.


      I am using LiveCycle Designer ES2 v9


      I would be glad to upload the file for anyone to look at, if you will provide me instructions on how to do so.


      thanks in advance!