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    How do I prevent lag with large layouts in CS6?


      I'm having a weird problem. I'm not by any means an InDesign expert, but I know my way around the program pretty well. I would say I'm intermediate? Anyway, I've recently starting doing a lot of creating/editing of large layouts - meaning 100+ page manuals. Sometimes the manuals have images, sometimes they don't, but no matter what, they are unbelievably lag-y. The weird thing is that I will be in a document creating it for the first time and the whole time it will be golden, from creating the first to last pages. I'll even save it at the end and work in it some more and it will be fine. It's only when I open a document that large for the first after that, that it will have problems. For instance, the type tool will take 1 or two minutes to engage and will continue to have problems while I'm working in the document. If I am working in it for 20+ minutes, the problem seems to lessen, BUT as soon as I click out of InDesign (onto a webpage, another document, program, etc) then try to edit the file in InDesign again, the problem is back!


      I'm operating on a Windows 7, running CS6 with everything up-to-date. I don't have much issue with slowness anywhere else. Even when I've been editing a 20+ layer Photoshop file at 600ppi that measured 7x14 feet.


      I will say that the file I'm working on now doesn't have a single image in it, and I know how to reduce image-size to create optimized InDesign documents.


      Is this a preference I have turned on somewhere that I'm missing????