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    Flash into flash and shrink

      I have to Flash files. I want to place the second file (.swf) into the Flash file i'm currently working on. The catch is the first flash file is rather big and i need to shrink it and I'd also like to place it to the right side of the stage. I've tried using levels and loadMovieNum but neither of them can control the size and position (unless i'm in error?). I don't want to convert my second file to a .mov file either because I will loose it's interactiveness. (and i really...really don't want to go into the second flash file and shrink everything there has to be another way!) HELP!
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          you're in error.

          i don't know if controlling a levels position and size solves your problem, but you can do both AFTER the level exists. ie, use a preloader to determine when your swf completes loading into a non-zero level. it's also a good idea to put an empty from with no sound at frame 1 of the external swf with a stop() attached.