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    Preset for iPhone 4


      What is the best preset for editing a project in Premiere Elements 10 using clips taken with an iPhone 4?


      I just completed a project using Flip Mino HD and Ultra HD 30p, but it appears to be the wrong preset. The video plays perfectly in Premiere, but I have tried sharing the video using a number of different options (burning directly to regular dvd, avchd, phone playback, saving to my hard drive) and they all yield poor results. For example, there is footage of a slowly turning boat adrift on a river and the edges of the boat are jagged and shimmery. But if I watch this in Premiere the edges are crisp. Another clip was taken on a highway and the power lines are broken up and, again, jagged. I first thought this was a result of my not selecting the proper method to share/export, but I've tried so many different options that I am now thinking I may have chosen the wrong project preset initially.


      Does anyone know what preset I should have used? And also, is there a way to easily swap that out or will I need to start from scratch?


      I am using an iMac 27" with a dual core Intel processor.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.