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    Calculate only checked boxes that are checked. Other "lines" of boxes do not have a value. HELPPPPPP


      I have say 6 possible lines. Each line will allow the user to enter employee goals. Then to the right of that, there are radio buttons that the user will check, marking the percentage that particular goal is complete. However, not every employee will have 6 goals, they may only have 3 and some may have all 6 or say, 2. What I want to do is only calculate those lines which have a goal and a percentage marked. So in the end, I want to total the checked boxes which will each have a value and then divide that by the number of goals for that particular employee.


      PLEASE, explain this to me so I can understand it. Like I said, I am extremely new to creating forms and LiveCycle. I really hope I can get the answer to this.


      Thank you in advance.