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    Flash Player crashes every time in Firefox


      Hello everybody, hope this is the right section of the forum, if it's not, please move this discussion to an appropriate forum.

      I'm using Windows 8 x64 since some months (it's release to MSDN since september) and I never had problems with Flash Player with Firefox. Since some weeks, every time I reload/open a page which contains some flash player content, Firefox freezes for some seconds, and the small wheel of the mouse pointer cames out for a few seconds, then it stops, then it reappears again. It continues for 4-5 times, than it stops, and FF says that the Flash Player plugin has stopped working. If I take a look to the processes under Task Manager, I can see that the two processes called "Adobe flash player r502 etc..." (or something like this) are closed and reopened 4-5 times, and then it stops working when FF shows the error message. What I've tried:

      1) Completely uninstalling Flash player and Reinstalling it.

      2) Install a previous version, nothing.

      3) Install the beta version 11.6, nothing. (At the beginning I was using the 11.5 version).

      4) Start FF in safe mode (so with all of the plugins disabled).

      I don't know how to solve the problem. Can someone help me? It's very annoying that I have every time to wait about 10 secs to click on something because flash player tries reopening by itself and then crashes again...

      Thank you so much.