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    Premiere Pro CS6 playback freezes, regenerates .pek and .cfa files


      When I try to watch something in a sequence, the Program Monitor freezes. The playhead moves in the timeline as usual and the audio plays just fine, but the visual freezes. Sometimes it stops a few seconds after I start playing and sometimes the video never plays at all. When I stop playback, it remains frozen for a while, then resets to the frame the playhead is on.


      As I checked different options, I discovered Premiere is regenerating both the .pek and .cfa files every time I open it, even though all of my projects have already conformed. I have it set to store the media files with the project, so I know the preview files have not moved or been deleted. I work on this setup 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, and nothing changed since I was in yesterday. It was working fine when I shut it down last night, no one could have logged in while I was gone, and this morning it doesn't work. No updates were installed, no files were moved, no drives switched.


      I have searched the internet for help, but all of the forums I've found are at least two months old and recommend installing the 6.0.3 update. I did run updates for all my Adobe software, and it didn't help. I also deleted and re-rendered my peak and cfa files.


      One six-month-old forum said that Premiere CS6 cannot playback long AVCHD .m2ts files. Previously I had no problem working with .m2ts files 35 minutes and shorter, or with .mp4 files up to 75 minutes long. The video I'm currently working with is about 75 minutes long. And again, it was working fine yesterday.


      Further investigation revealed that playback does not freeze when I import a selection from the Source Monitor (vs. importing from the Bin and trimming in the Timeline) and do not layer clips or apply effects.


      Any thoughts?




      Media Spec:

      File type: AVCHD Video

      Resolution: 1920x1080 (1080p), 29 fps

      Imported from camera hard drive using PlayMemories Home


      Computer Spec:

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

      Windows 7, 64-bit Service Pack 1

      Graphics card is Quadro 5000, driver 276.19

      OS/boot drive is a solid state 250gig, and files running off a 2TB local hard drive

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Imported from camera hard drive using PlayMemories Home


          Ideally you should only be using Windows Explorer to copy the entire PRIVATE folder from the camera to your hard drive, and then use PP's Media Browser to import.

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            kobyzoshi Level 1

            I've tried several more things.

            The playback does not freeze if I have only one clip in the timeline.

            If I have clips on two or more video tracks, it starts freezing.

            Once I clear it down to one video track, it takes a couple of seconds (up to 30) to start playing normally again.

            Sometimes I can play two tracks for several minutes before it freezes. Sometimes it freezes immediately.


            When I open Premiere, I get the "Media Pending" screen for way longer than usual.


            I have rebuilt the peak and cfa files, no difference. GPU accelerator is enabled. The latest Adobe updates are installed.


            I see a few other forums with similar problems but no solution.


            No settings, file formats, or file locations have changed since Monday (the last time CS6 was working properly). After a lot of digging around I found that a Windows Defender Definition update was installed the morning of the day PP started freaking out. I can't get rid of this update.


            I edit two or more hours of footage per day. They are lectures, so they are recorded in 1-3 hour chunks. I use two videos simultaneously--one with the professor's powerpoint presentation, and one of the professor. I keyframe the PPT video into the corner, overlaid over the lecturer. I did this for years without problem in CS5.5 and for two months without problem on my current setup.

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              I have had the same problem and my solution is maybe not the best, but I didn´t had the time to search around any longer...

              I took my .mts-file (AVCHD) into the Media Encoder and used the same resolution 1920x1080 and converted the file to a H264.

              Now the file runs like a day in the park and I can get the job done. The film is for the web so I recon the loss in picture quality will not be to obvious.


              Good luck!

              Jerry Niemi