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    Can't figure out how to do context sensitive help (F1)


      I have a few issues trying to implement the ability for a user to hit F1, and for me to dispatch the proper help page.  This is with Flex running inside a web page.


      1) If I don't add handling at the stage level, it's confusing, as they have to do something to cause the current view to be selected

      2) If I do add handling to the stage, it seems to override any attempt of mine to add a key down handler to a deeper (in the tree) view

      3) No matter what I do, F1 is still seen by the browser, and brings up a browser help page as well


      It seems like a trivial desire to add a handler for F1 which can be either handled at a top level, or at any chosen level.


      I should also note, that at most I need maybe 5 specific help pages dependent on context.  So I don't need any complex solution to this problem.


      I could use a different key than F1, but F1 is kind of a standard.