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    Table of contenst


      I have nearly 100 different product in my catalog that are placed in three categories. Every product is titled with different color, but all other options are the same. How can i add 3 paragraph styles if every of my items has different color in his title. Is there any way that I could make table of contenst without adding 100 paragraph styles for every one of my item titles?

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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          You write about 3 different colors to 100 different products. So I suppose that you need 3 different paragraph styles and not 100.

          Create these 3 paragraph styles and create 3 entries in your TOC definition. Create also one entry style if you will that all 3 entries look the same, create 3 if you want them look different.


          If you want to apply the same color of a paragraph to the TOC then you need only to create a character style for each color. Nothing should be specified except the character color in this style. Now you can use only 1 entry for these paragraphs because the character styles comes into the toc unchanged.

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            UnderColorTwoToOne Level 1

            Ty for your reply. But the problem is that I have different color for every product. Lets rather say that i have 100 different stories with same title options but every title has his own color. Is there any option for that matter?

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              Do you want to have the toc entries the same color? Use a characterstyle.

              No, use also a character style, but put the toc in a seperate file in a book. In that indd file of the toc redefine the character styles with the same name but no color definition.

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                UnderColorTwoToOne Level 1

                Hmm...how do u mean toc entrie? If I'm understanding it right then I should open new file and there define new style without color definition and then import into my catalog file? Could you please write me some basic steps how to achive this with your solution. Thank you.

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  No, not importing. The toc needs to be a seperate file from the same book. Only so it is possible to have diferent character style definition for the same style.

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                    UnderColorTwoToOne Level 1

                    Dunno if we understood eachother...When I generate TOC from my document contenst, I have no trouble with multiple colors on it..that is basicly what i want. But I have problem to have all my story titles with different colors in one paragrpah style. All I want is to add titles to paragraph style so I can add paragraphs when I'm generating TOC. If I have 50 titles that differs in color only do I need to have 50 paragraph styles or is it some other way?

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                      SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Use one paragraph style, but set up 50 Character styles that contain ONLY character color.