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    The best format for output

    shery gemy Level 1

      Hi All,

      working in animation project to be broadcasted on a TV channel as HD1080 50i,

      1- all the animation layers was rendered from TOONBOOM as .SWF to keep it in vector for compositing issue.

      • Dose SWF lose any quality? we always use TGA sequence with alpha in our past SD projects but now we found SWF is a smaller file size and allows zooming Because it keeps all vector lines.

      2- compositing each scene in after effects cs6 and then render them.

      • What is the best format for output to deal with premiere cs6 as a real time playback ( my editing pc includes gtx680 4gb., many HGST 3tb with raid controller,64g ram, aja kona 3g) so do I go with TGA sequence (I think it will destroy the raid Because of the large number of small-sized files in read and write ) or MOV uncompressed (I'm afraid of the space size and don’t know it will play in real time ) or what is the best compressed format Maintaining video image quality as its now will be my only master source?

      Many thanks,


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          swf is not a production format. Without knowing the contents of the SWF I can't tell you if this was a good choice, but I'd never recommend it. If it's working for you then OK.


          Premiere realtime playback is accomplished in two ways. Use a Mercury Playback compatible production format. There are a bunch. The right one to choose depends on your system, whether or not you have a capture solution installed (Black Magic card for example) and what OS you are using. It sounds like you're using a Kona card but I don't know enough of your about your system.


          Uncompressed is usually not necessary. PNG compressed quicktimes can contain alpha channels. The best lossless codec depends on your system. I usually use ProRez or Black Magic codecs. Cineform has some fairly good production codecs. Avid has a bunch of options. All of these solutions will work with PPro. I know that I haven't been much help. Tell us a lot more about your system and we can probably help more.

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            shery gemy Level 1

            Thanks Rick for your reply,

            Regarding the SWF i moved to flash pro forums and they are supporting me now,


            My system is a pc, win.64, I7-3930K, 64G RAM, EVGA GTX680 4G, Many HGST 3TB with raid controler,


            Some advised me to go with Quicktime Prores HQ or DNXHD or DPX ,


            In this year project my client's requirement for delivery is :

            DNxHD 120 Codec, wrapped with QuickTime rapper, which means a file with MOV extension and the codec used is DNxHD 120 ( 1080@50i HD)


            So do i work with dnxhd 120 from the beginning to the delivery? (and it will be my only master source) or another format encode it at the end to dnxhd 120? ( i will distribut this project to many channels after the first run exclusivity period end with different requirements).




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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ok, they want the AVID codec but they want one that's quite compreessed. I would not use that for a production master. It won't recompress to another lossy format without introducing more artifacts. Master on a lossless and then render to your AVID lossy codec for delivery.