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    No audio on multicam sequence only


      I have a synced couple of camera sequence with linked audio which is fine when it plays from that sequence. When I put that into my multicam sequence my audio is missing from the first (labelled stage) camera.  I have a couple of screenshots from below.


      I even tried making an audio submix channel and routing to the master but that didn't help.  I originally had the mono track now on the multicam sequence on the source sequence but I moved it in case it was causing some problem, nothing seems to have changed.  I really want the master audio to be the panned submix channel from the 2 stereo channels from the linked video.



      Source sequence showing rendered audio waveforms from the beginning:



      Multicam edit with a big blank spot at the beginning:




      It's Windows 7 and using PPro5.5.  Thanks in advance.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is normal.  Only Audio 1 comes over in the multicam nest.


          Cut the project, then when you're done renest Sequence 1 onto track 2 of the Multi Cam sequence.  (Move those audio snippets down a track to make room.)  Delete the video portion and move the audio from 2 to 1, replacing the cut audio.  This will give you all your audio back.