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    kadav tags carry over from RH 6 to RH 7

    HKabaker Level 2
      kadov is gone, but not forgotten.
      If you don't care about kadov, skip to the end.

      RH 7 doesn't use the old kadov tags in source html, so they don't appear in WebHelp output topics either.

      However, RH 7 does not automatically clean up kadov coding when you import a topic created in RH 6 into a new RH 7 project.. Nor does it clean up when you use RH 7 to open a project originally built in RH 6 or earlier.

      This bit is generated when you put two or more spaces together:

      <!--kadov_tag{{<spaces>}}--> <!--kadov_tag{{</spaces>}}-->

      In RH 7 it becomes

      <spaces> </spaces>

      but not automatically.

      Note the regular space at the beginning. You can repair this with the RH find and replace utility, changing the string to a single space (unless you wanted the extra space. In that case just leave them there and RH will insert <spaces> </spaces>).

      I traced most of the kadov carryover to a .css stylesheet originally created in RH 5 (maybe earlier) and reused in RH 6 and 7. I had built custom bullet styles. Some used a standard disc or square, while some used custom images. RH coded the style and duplicated it in a slightly different form, with kadov tags. (This presumably ensured the display would be same in RH WYSIWYG as in WebHelp output. Hmmm .....)

      Steps I took:

      1. In each topic, deleted the meta string

      <meta name=filetype content=kadov>

      2. Outside RH, cleaned up the .css stylesheet. You can build a new one in RH7, which may be less trouble than revising the old .css file with a text editor. I removed everything kadov.

      3. Launched the project in RH 7.

      4. Selected all topics and in the properties dialog, applied default .css to all, reapplied the custom stylesheet to all, and closed the dialog with the X icon at upper right. If you click OK, you need to check a few topics to see which .css file stuck.

      5. Generate WebHelp to a test location and see whether any kadov tags got through. Do this even if you don't see kadov tags in the project source files' html code.

      6. I hope the next won't be necessary.

      If kadovs still show up in the output,

      a. Delete the problem styles in RH and rebuild them.
      b. Reapply the style sheet to each topic.
      c. Repeat Step 5.

      d. If kadov isn't dead yet, open each topic and reapply the corrected style everywhere the original was used. Regenerate WebHelp.

      Alternatively, you could spend that time making some lemonade and sitting back to reflect on whether it's worth the trouble. Depends on how obsessive you are about kadov.


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          Gravenstein Level 2
          Harvey -

          Thank you! That is very useful information to know. Silly me, I'd been happily anticipating that the 6-to-7 conversion would extract all the little devils.

          It's important to me to remove the kadov tags. While most of them are harmless, there are some that cause a script error when the help topic is opened. I'm afraid that our people tend to frown on that.

          Not sure when I'll get to try your procedure, but I'll let you know how it goes when I do.

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            Are you saying you are seeing Kadov in your RH7 projects or just thanking Harvey for indicating they will be there?

            If you are seeing Kadov, it will there in javascript calls but that is not the same as the old kadov tags in the code. There it is perfectly legal.

            I will be testing a project later to see what I find.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              I just tested one project before and after upgrading it from RH6 to RH7.

              Source files had 1873 instances of kadov
              Output files had 1314 instances of kadov

              Source files had 4 instances of kadov. Investigation showed these were all in one topic and that revealed the instances were list items where no style had been applied. Applying the normal <p> tag and saving the file resulted in 0 instances being found.
              The output was then regenerated and 0 instances of kadov were found.

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                HKabaker Level 2
                Thanks to Peter, whose messages late Friday and yesterday I didn't see until this morning, I now retract nearly all of my previous post.

                It happened that kadov cleanup was coded late in the RH 7 development cycle. I was looking at topics in a project that I had started in RH 6, then opened in a test version of RH 7 that was not the final release. Even though I started fresh, with a new project in the final RH 7 release, and imported those topics from the old RH 7 project, they had been tainted, apparently. I apologize for this false alarm.

                I think my old .css stylesheet was an unnecessary complication. I plan to create a new one in RH 7 to match those styles.

                Another oddity that still clouds the picture:

                When you import topics from an RH 6 project, the RH 7 view of html source shows no evidence of kadov tags.

                However, even after you save and close the new RH 7 project, Notepad and FAR find kadov tags lurking about until you make a change and save the topic in RH 7.

                I understand you can edit and restore text in RH 7 before saving, and kadovs will be gone in Notepad and FAR, as well as from RH html view.

                RH 7 does better if you open the old project directly, rather than importing individual topics. Yet, the old .css style sheets (default, etc.) retain kadovs. Maybe they get cleaned up later if you apply them, I haven't tried.


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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Not sure how well it works on import. Haven't tested that yet. Like I said, there was some evidence of kadov but only because the start point was wrong.

                  My searching was done using FAR. There have been odd instances going back years of RH and Notepad not being at one with each other, but haven't encountered it for a long time. I think we may have to accept it might not be a perfect process.

                  I don't know if the style sheet is supposed to get cleaned up. I never let my style sheets near the old editor so no kadov to clean up. If you make extensive use of lists though, there is good reason to open your stylesheets in RH7 and make a small change. See my site for more information on that.