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    jumpy playhead when quickly scrubbing / playing in the timeline (longGOP avcHD)

    dv416 Level 1

      Lately I've been having this problem where when I move the playhead to my desired location, then quickly press spacebar (play), probably about a third of the time, the playhead plays from the location that the playhead was PREVIOUSLY at... NOT where I just moved it to.


      Very annoying.


      It's avchd, longGOP, footage from a sony FS100. Trying to determine if this is a glitch, or a hardware issue, or what. If nobody has ever experienced this, I can maybe do a screen capture and show you what I'm talking about. But to me it seems like, when quickly scrubbing and playing, its as if the CPU resolves the playback function  BEFORE the scrub movement. even though I absolutely am scrubbing first.

      my guess is this is due to the fact that this particular video footage is very CPU intensive.


      any of you experienced this / have any solutions?


      running 6.0.2 on a 17" macbook pro, 16gb ram, ATI graphics card.

      thanks for reading!