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    Media Storage and Handling


      I am a recreational/hobbyist videographer (Interviewing Local Historians, video family events and other sundry local activities).  I am about to build a video editing machine and need to develop a plan to organize all my editing assets.


      I have two questions: One a version of a question that I have seen dozens of times and one that I cannot find any answers to at all (Perhaps I am just not looking in the right place)


      First, the endless hard drive question:


      I intend to work on a project or two at a time, generally with 10-20 GB of video, then archive the project on a multi-TB NAS. For my editing machine, would the following hard drive setup be sufficient and would any of them benefit from an additional drive set up as a RAID0?


      Boot Drive/Software Drive - 480GB SSD
      Projects Drive - 120GB SSD
      Pagefile, Media Cache - 120GB SSD
      Previews, Exports - 120GB SSD


      This brings me to my second question:


      What is the best method for handling media files?


      I want to be able to do rough cuts on my laptop, then move the project to the workstation for final editing, effects and final rendering.  Then once I am through with the project, archive all the assets to the NAS.  Also, if I have digital juice music and sound FX stored on the NAS, do I copy them to the project folder then import them, or leave them on the NAS?  Then when I move the project to the editing workstation, do I just point the project back to the NAS? 

      Does know of a tutorial that can assist me figure this out?  I have been ending up with bits and pieces of projects everywhere and there has GOT to be a better way.



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          Pete Berthet

          The way i generally work at home is as follows


          SSD System Drive

          SSD Project Files Drive

          2TB RAID SATA Media Drive


          So basically everything to do with the project ends up on the RAID, except the actual project files for Prem/AE/whatever else

          This is essentially for access speed, and it means all my media is in one place with a set folder structure.


          If i need to copy or move the project, relinking is pretty easy Everything in one place.