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    Using Dreamweaver with Desktop server Bitnami


      I am trying to get Dreamweaver setup to do dynamic editing of my WordPress files installed on my desktop with Bitnami.


      My Bitnami WordPress Stack is installed to the following link: C:\WordPress\BitNami WordPress Stack\ and the path to the index.php is: C:\WordPress\BitNami WordPress Stack\apps\wordpress\htdocs


      To setup Dreamweaver local site, I'm using the following settings: Server Name: Bitnami Connect Using: Local/Network Server Folder: C:\WordPress\BitNami WordPress Stack\apps\wordpress\htdocs\ Web URL: 8080/ (I've also tried it omitting the '8080/') (I've also tried the Web URL and, under the 'Advanced' tab, I'm using the Server Model: PHP MySQL


      My problem is that when I open the index.php file in Dreamweaver's main window (split view) I do see the code on the left side of the page, but on the right side of the page (the 'design' side) all I get is a blank (white) box. When I try to open another page - for example wp-blog-header.php - the same thing happens (code on left, blank box on right).


      When I try to open single.php, I get code on the left and the box on right has small symbols stating 'PHP' but no real design is visible and I get an error message on top of the screen that states 'Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because of an internal server error. Retry.'


      I have my permalinks in WordPress set to default, as I have read that failure to do so has caused problems in Dreamweaver in other people's installations.


      Can anyone help me out? Why am I not getting a dynamic preview?


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