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    jQuery load() fails to load Edge Animate Composition

    tfbkny Level 1

      My question has w parts


      1) I have a simple php that beased on logged in status loads one page or anohter.


      When trying to load content using jQuery load() nothing will load and I get a cryptic (to me at least) XHR error


      I used this code to load the page with the composition:


      <div id='dynamic-content'></div>

      <script type='text/javascript'>




      But like I said isn't working and I'd guess that since the PHP page already contains the call to load the jQuery script, when using load() to load the html with the Edge Composition into the PHP page, that wrecks havock at the scripting level and apparently it's bad enough to break things right from the start.


      Note: The only way the loading works is by using iframes, but I hate iframe with a deep passion because they are always being rendered like crap, they scale like crap, the dimensions are never responding properly and to make matter worse now the percentage sizing has been deprecate in favor of ONLY hardcoded pixel value (going backwards like a shrimp, darn it!) and even controlling width and height using CSS that will cause scrollbars to show all the times no matter how many overflow:hidden one specifies. It's just that iframes are an egregious ungodly disgrace I'd avoid like the plague because of their poor implementation and the lack of consistency across different browsers and platform. So that's why I was looking into a jQuery based solution to swap content within the PHP page.


      2) How can something "ouside the Composition's scope" be controlled from within the composition?


      This is another issue I ran across when I wanted to click on a link inside the composition to trigger the swapping of content within a div id that lived outside the composition and in the PHP page.


      I hope I've been concise and clear enough to illustrate the situation... but should it be unclear ask away.


      Any and all help will be much appreciated