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    P2P RTMFP connections - sound quality is awful for 5 and more users in chat


      I develop online game. During the game players can see and hear each other (AIR/Cirrus).

      There are 11 players in each game (they are geographically far form each other).

      If I use netGroup then it work very slow and there are big delays.


      So now I use NetStream.DIRECT_CONNECTIONS and video is pretty good now,

      But sound is awful.

      Sound is good when there are 2 players in the video chat, but for 5 and more players...

      All players have fast internet connection (2 Mbit/s and more)


      I use SoundCodec.SPEEX codec. What am I doing wrong?

      Are there any common(standart) recommendations regarding the sound tuning when using P2P RTMFP connections?

      Or it's impossible to obtain good sound quality for 11 users in the same video chat?

      Thanks in advance.