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    Trouble animating elements in layers as they overlap

    Gusgsm Level 2



      I am pretty new to Adobe Edge though I have managed to make some animations to include them in Adobe DPS for Ipad. Right now I have a doubt and I don't know how to solve it.


      This is a map of Europe with some countries. I want to start the preentation bringing them one by one to the forefront by enlarging them and then reducing them again. ("Here comes Germany, Now, France..." and son on).


      No big trouble. But the rub is that, as each country is in its own layer, some of them enlarge all right but some others are partially hidden by their neighbours when enlarging, as they are under those, in a lower layer. All the countries has been arranged in Illustrator and imported as SVG into Animate layers.


      The question is: Is there any command to force an element in a layer to act, move or go 'forward' even if it is under the other one?


      I am not very sure if I have explained myself clearly enough


      Thanks for your patience


      Gustavo (postring from Madrid)