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    Version incompatibility Flex 4.6 Automation Plug-in download zip file gives 4.5!


      I am trying to download Flex 4.6 Automation Plug-in download. I am able to download the zip file "flex4_6_test_automation_plugin.zip (ZIP, 8 MB)". But when i unzip it, the folder is named as Flex 4.5 Test Automation Plug-in.  This version of the QTP plug-in is not helpful with the Flex builder SDK version 4.5.1; the objects are not getting recognized (while this Flex builder 4.5 is working file with flex builder sdk version 3.6. I really need the reason why i am not able to download the real flex automation plug-in 4.6 version and wondering if there is any workaround with this, kindly let me know if you need more clarity with this question.