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    FB 4.7 : Could not create view error


      I have the following problem with FB 4.7 (both 32bits and 64 bits) on Windows 8 :

      - When displaying Flex Project properties. I have the following error :

      Project Show Properties Error.png


      - When switching to "Package Explorer" view from another view (e.g Project Explorer). I have the following error :

      View Error.png


      I could reproduce the error with the following steps :

      - When running FB. I made it to always focus on "Project Explorer" view by default instead of "Package Explorer"

      - So when I run FB and it display "Project Explorer" view then I right-click to display my Flex project properties and the error will occurs


      The only I found to solve it is the following steps :

      - Facultative : When running FB. I make it to always focus on "Package Explorer"

      - Always interract view Package Explorer first before other views and the error will never occurs.


      Is it a know bug ? Is there a proper solution or update or patch to solve it ?