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    RH7 - Failure to Generate output

    kcasper Level 1
      I was having this problem on RH X4 for Word, so I upgraded to RH7 for Word. Unfortunately, the problem is still happening. Can anyone help?

      I open our help file, can make changes to the .doc files and save. But when I click the Generate Primary Layout button it goes through the entire process and then just before finishing, aborts and says Failure to Generate WinHelp 4. It appears that the program is trying to generate the help file in a nonexistant direcctory called RHTemp, tacked onto the end of the correct pathway. It lookes like this: L:\[correct pathway to help file]\RHTemp\NameofHelpFile.hlp. Naturally, when it cannot find this directory, it fails to generate. I've tried creating the RHTemp directory myself, thinking perhaps it would just place the help file in there. Sadly, no, it just tries to compile to a RHTemp1 folder instead.

      Additional info: the Word files were created with Word 2000, and this isn't my first attempt to compile - I've been able to compile just fine for years now, until three days ago. I've tried everything I can think of to fix this, but no luck. Can anyone shed any light?