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    The update function on edge!


      Hi there!

           I'm having a little trouble on migrating from flash.


           How can i do something like:


                AS3: MovieClip(parent).addEventListener(Event.EnterFrame, doSomething);


            The logic its not the same (frames vs time), but there's a way to acomplish the same result?

           I want to call a function on a symbol, everytime is parent updates!.



      João Ferreira

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          joel_pau Level 5

          Hi João,


          You've got 3 tools:

          • Edge provides you an update panel within code panel: Stage > Timeline > Update. You put your doSomething inside the update panel.

          Note that the Update panel is available for each symbol.


          • old tool: setTimeout()
          • new tool: window.requestAnimationFrame()


          ==> Demo file: https://www.box.com/s/ryzk0oh50j8v2fi78ca8

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            JP_Leya Level 1

            Hi.. thx for the help!


                 But this does not match my problem. Using your example image:

                      - I'm inside the details symbol;

                      - and from there i want to bind/create the update event of the stage.


                 Example: I have a scroll bar as a symbol, and i want to control the parent where the scroll bar is inserted. Without having to add code on the parent.. so it can be easly re-used.


                 Is it possible?